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Parents and Grandparent's Invitations

IRCC is starting to send the invitations to apply (ITAs) to all those who have submitted interest to sponsor in 2020. As we all know some people are lucky and get selected the first year they submit the intention to sponsor and some have been trying for years.

The invitation will come to the email address you have used at the time you have submitted your interest to sponsor, however, ensure you check your spam folder.

You will have 60 days to submit the complete package to IRCC. The good news this year that application can now been submitted online. Last year, it has been very challenging for grandparents or parents to prepare the original documents and forms and mail them on time, we could courier them to processing center in Canada.

If you have received your invitation and planning to submit the application yourself, book a consultation with us or any other qualified RCIC to ensure your application is not returned for being incomplete. Our consultations are very informative and would help you to get the assurance you are on the right track with forms and documents.

Alternatively, if you need full A-Z white glove service - we are here for you.

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