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Our Story

How often did you question if you need to hire an immigration consultant or you can proceed with the application yourself? A large number of service providers are delegating the vast amount of work to the clients. You are asked to fill out the forms, scan and email your documents but most importantly you usually need to know which immigration route you need to take prior to hire an immigration professional.

We work differently. We consult. We listen, analyse, research and provide you with the best possible scenario to reach your goal.

Especially when choosing a route to permanent immigration it is important to weight pros and cons of different scenarios. Some might choose to go through the study route and obtain Canadian diploma, gain Canadian Work Experience and thus increase the points on Express Entry.  Some might look into Provincial Nominee Programs as a faster and easier route to immigrate to Canada. Some might be lucky enough to be professionals in the fields that are LMIA except. Our role is to find the best scenario to immigrate to Canada that suits your needs.

We offer detailed consultation that can boost your confidence to pursue the path yourself, and we offer a real hand handling support where you can sit back and let us handle your case.

Last but not least, we handle private information with high security, but we also use the top technologies to make it as easy as possible for you.


Your will have personal Client login to our top industry software enabling you to access your client portal from any device including mobile phones to track the progress of your application. You will be able to upload all your documents, review the deadlines, check status updates and track your application.

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