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We don’t hide our fees. You don’t need to email or call to know the price you would be paying for the professional immigration services. We like to be straightforward and honest.

Barbican immigration offers a variety of flexible options for our clients.


Our professional services include need base scenarios:

Application Check

A number of people feel comfortable enough to prepare their immigration cases on their own. Canadian immigration system is straightforward and easy to use. However, there are a number of things that could be missed, information provided incorrectly or supporting documents do not meet legal requirements. The application check service allows you to have a final check on any application you are submitting. We will review the forms, the documents and the latest requirements on this immigration category to give you a piece of mind that your case won’t be returned back or refused due to some simple mistakes. This service does not anticipate case and legal analysis, and assumes the client did a due diligent research on their immigration case.

Please note we will NOT be acting as your authorised representative and will provide one time only case review.

Email Your Question

Get a full and detailed answer to your immigration questions within 2 business days. This might be something you are looking to confirm prior to submitting your application or a final straw prior to making a decision which immigration route to take. The price listed below is per question asked. Please note the price quote will be sent to you prior to commencing work on your file and will depend on the complexity of questions asked.

Personalized Consultation

Whether you need to discuss your case in full details or ask clarifications on your next steps or find out way you can immigrate to Canada consultation is the best way to get your questions answered. We offer 25 and 45 minutes consultations. We always suggest you to email us about the immigration category you would like to discuss and any special circumstances, so our specialists can triple check for exemptions if any or consult previous federal court decisions for challenging scenarios. 

from CA$ 115

Full case representation and case management

If you are looking for let the professional immigration experts to handle your case from A-Z the full case management is the best choice for you. Not only we will be working with you on choosing the most effective immigration scenario to match your specific case we will provide detailed ‘hand handling’ throughout the whole process. From the initial full scope assessment, case and document preparation, submission, communication with authorities on your behalf up to full case completion.

Having extensive experience in immigration and relocation industry we will also provide you with personalized advice for your temporarily or permanent move to Canada such as school enrollment, driver license exchange, accommodation, bank accounts and many more.

Our fee structure is based on the complexity of the case we are working on. For this very reason we set up our fee structure for full case management is flexible. We also offer installment payments up for your convenience.

Below is a short breakdown the standard fees, however, please feel free to reach out to us to obtain a favorable quote for your case.

Express Entry

Price: 3200 - 3900


Price: 4200 - 5700

Spousal/Common Law Sponsorship (no dependents)

Price: 2800 - 3900


Price: 5600 - 7900


Price: 4900-5900

Work Permit

Price: 1250.00 – 2050.00

Study Permit

Price: 1250.00 – 2050.00



PLEASE NOTE: All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars. If you are a resident of Canada 13% HST will be applied to your invoice. If you reside outside of Canada you won’t be charged HST on the services provided as soon as you are residing outside of Canada. The prices provided for full case management are for guidelines only and could be lower or higher depending on the complexity of your case.

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