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IRCC concludes temporary special measures for Moroccan nationals

On March 13, 2024, IRCC concluded special measures in response to the 2023 earthquake in Morocco, effective until March 12, 2024. Applications received after this date are ineligible. The instructions offer guidance for processing officers handling applications received until March 12. These measures support Moroccan nationals in Canada post-earthquake. They waive certain fees for stay extensions or condition changes and grant open work permits. Eligibility requires being in Canada on September 8, 2023, with valid temporary resident status. Fee waivers extend to Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Morocco affected by the earthquake who need document replacements for return. Retroactive to September 8, 2023, these measures last until March 12, 2024. IRCC prioritizes processing existing overseas temporary residence applications, including family members of citizens or residents in affected areas. Priority processing is not needed for in-Canada clients seeking temporary resident status extensions.

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