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Employment rates are highest among landed immigrants from Africa and Asia

According to a Statistics Canada study, African and Asian immigrants had higher employment rates than other regions. For immigrants over 15 years old in 2023, employment rates were: Africa: 67.7%, Asia: 66.3%, Latin America: 66%, North America: 56.6%, and Europe: 56.6% (national average: 62.7%). However, when looking at core-aged immigrants (25-54 years), the results inverted: Europe: 88.3%, Latin America: 82.8%, North America: 82.7%, Asia: 81.7%, Africa: 79.8% (national average: 82.6%). This suggests African and Asian immigrants are more likely to work outside the core age group, possibly due to cultural differences in schooling years. However, the study doesn't include temporary workers and international students who comprise a significant part of Canada's labour force, with 797,225 valid work permit holders in December 2022 and close to a million international students in 2023.

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