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Canadians' views on immigration grow more negative, new poll finds

A recent Research Co. poll reveals growing negativity towards immigration in Canada. 44% of Canadians now see immigration as mostly negative, a six-point increase from October 2023. Conversely, 42% view immigration as mostly positive, a decrease of three points, with 14% remaining undecided, also down by three points. Younger Canadians, aged 18 to 34, are more positive about immigration (55%) compared to older age groups, with only 37% of those 55 and over and 32% of those aged 35 to 54 holding positive views. Additionally, 46% of Canadians want to decrease legal immigration, a seven-point increase, while 31% prefer no change and 15% advocate for an increase in immigration levels. Support for reducing immigration is highest in Atlantic Canada and Ontario, 53%, while it is lowest in Quebec, 34%. Despite these concerns, 66% of Canadians believe that immigrants' hard work improves the country, and 65% support immigration if immigrants adopt Canadian values.

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