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Canada's new policy for resettling SGBV survivors from Mexico

On March 8, the Canadian government introduced a temporary public policy addressing the resettlement of women survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in Mexico. Up to 100 eligible individuals and family members can be resettled through Reed Smith LLP's identification, referral, and support initiatives. CCVT, as a Sponsorship Agreement Holder, will offer care, lodging, settlement assistance, and financial support for two years. The policy, valid for three years, grants exemptions based on specific conditions for foreign nationals applying under the Convention Refugee Abroad or Country of Asylum classes. The exemptions cover regulatory fees and address eligibility and admissibility criteria. The policy comes into effect upon signing the Memorandum of Understanding and concludes after three years or upon reaching 100 applicants, with pending applications addressed in case of termination.

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