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Updates on MPNP for 2024

In Manitoba, workers and students aiming for Permanent Resident status through the MPNP program are growing frustrated. Changes in Canada's immigration landscape have cast uncertainty on their prospects. Despite past promises, the government isn't obligated to grant status in 2024. IRCC granted 9,500 nomination certificates to the province this year, with 20,000 to 27,000 expressions of interest (EOI) in the MPNP pool. Manitoba hosts over 47,000 individuals with temporary status. To streamline processes, MPNP is expanding its team and budget, prioritizing applicants with expiring work permits (PGWP or CUAET) and showing flexibility to Ukrainian applicants encountering document hurdles. The province advises using the Skilled Worker Webform for Work Permit Support Letters but can't provide provisional ones due to IRCC Regulations. Additionally, Mabitoba acknowledges the possibility of applicants needing to leave Canada temporarily during the application procedure.

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