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Canada announced a new update for the Agri-Food Pilot Program

On June 03, 2024, the Government of Canada announced several changes to the Agri-Food Pilot to better align it with other permanent economic programs. These changes include starting the validity period of language test results from the test report date and excluding real property or investments as proof of settlement funds. The language proficiency requirements state that the applicant must provide an IRCC-approved language test showing a minimum level 4 in the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) or the Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) for all language skills, and the test results should be less than two years old at the date of application. Regarding settlement funds, applicants living and working in Canada under a valid work permit need not provide evidence of funds. However, other applicants must demonstrate they have sufficient funds for settlement in Canada, which should be available, transferable, unencumbered by debts, and adequate for their initial establishment in Canada. The sufficiency of funds is determined based on the applicant's family size and must be 50% of the current low-income cut-offs for urban areas.

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