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Provincial Nominee

Provincial nominee program (PNP) are special programs run by provinces and territories of Canada to select qualified immigrants who meet the selection criteria and are willing to settle in the selected province. These programs are designed to assist provinces in defining and selecting the potential qualified individuals depending on the province needs. The PNP ‘steams’ might be specifically targeted on students, entrepreneurs, skilled workers or others.

The most important selection criteria for all Provincial nominee program (PNP) is the intention to settle permanently in the selected province.

There are 2 options to apply for Canadian Permanent residency through PNP. One is to create Express Entry profile and show the interest in the provinces you are planning to immigrate and settle. If selected the additional 600 points will be added to your CRS score that will become a significant decision maker during the next rounds of ITA. The other option is to apply through the PNP steams directly and then submit the application for Canadian residency once selected.

You can browse through Provincial Nominee Programs to decide which program might be most suitable for you.

Our role is to assist you in choosing the program that meets your needs and qualifications the most, prepare all required applications, form and documents and ensure your Canadian immigration case is presented in the most favourable way.

Provincial Nominee programs by province

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