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Express Entry

Express Entry system is an immigration management system introduced by IRCC in 2015 that gives the ability for Federal Government of Canada to choose the skilled workers based on their potential ability to contribute and settle in Canada. Express Entry is mutually beneficial system as it defines the candidates who are most likely to become economically established in Canada and at the same time it provides fast track pass to become permanent residents of Canada in under 6-month time for those who qualify.

CRS (Comprehensive Rankins System) is evaluating candidates based on the following criteria:

  • skills

  • education

  • language ability

  • work experience

  • other factors

You can easily calculate your potential points online using this calculator to estimate your chances of being issued an ITA (Invitation to apply). Calculate your score here

The Express Entry system is pretty straightforward and most think you need to create a profile and wait for the next Express Entry Draw. That’s not true.


We are here to show you how to increase your CRS point.


As an example, you might want to take CELPIP language test as CELPIP evaluation system provided 12 point base rankings compared to IELTS 9

If the draw score is higher that your CRS score you will receive the ITA and will have 90 days to submit all required and supporting document.

So where does the challenge come from? 

When you state your specific skills or qualifications, work experience, education or include other valuable factors in your Express Entry profile it is your responsibility to prove these once the ITA has been issued. To name a few, work experience must meet the Canadian work experience qualifications that has certain criteria including but not limited to the hours worked, meeting the main statement in your NOC – National Occupation Classification and many others.

Our main goal is to ensure your Express Entry Profile is perfected, your supporting documents meet absolutely all requirements by IRCC and you can permanently immigrate to Canada in less than 6 months.  

We specialize in 3 different steams indicated below.

  • Federal Skilled Worker

  • Federal Skill Trade

  • Canadian Experience Class

Book a consultation with us to start the process or if you have completed the Express Entry profile and looking for ways to improve your CRS score, we can help. Last but not least if you have received ITA and have all the documents ready book an ‘application check’ to ensure your application is correct. If you have not prepared your documents for submission yet – we are here for you to hold your hand throughout the process.

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