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Canada to reopen Parents and Grandparents Program this month

The Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) is scheduled to reopen this month, with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) poised to issue invitations to potential sponsors. Beginning May 21, 2024, IRCC will contact potential sponsors. The department aims to randomly select 35,700 individuals from the pool who submitted an interest-to-sponsor form in 2020 to receive 20,500 complete applications. This marks a significant increase of 5,500 invitations compared to the 2023 intake, reflecting Canada's growing demand for family reunification. For those who did not submit an interest-to-sponsor form in 2020, their parents and grandparents can still visit Canada for an extended period by applying for a super visa. This visa allows for stays of up to 5 years at a time, with the option to extend their visit while in Canada.

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